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Frequently Asked Questions

Before Guests book and even after they have confirmed their bookings at one of our lovely self contained villas and houses they will invariably think of things to ask about the property or about Vanuatu in general and we would like to think that as a result of the 15 years that we have been in Vanuatu that we can provide all the necessary information on most subjects to take the stress out of your holiday planning.

So we have started compiling a list of questions and answers that will I am sure grow as we come across more questions from you on a variety of subjects.

Q: Are supermarkets open to shop for groceries on Sunday?

A: Yes.. Au Bon Mache the biggest supermarket open everyday including Christmas day for your convenience. They also sell alcohol but  remember that in Vanuatu alcohol sales cease at midday Saturday and start again on Monday morning

Q Can we shop on the way from the airport to where we are staying?

A: Yes our drivers Seth or Brian will happily stop and allow you time to shop en-route from the airport


Q: We are hiring a car. How do we get directions to the property we are staying at?

A: Our staff meet all arrivals and either accompany them via the supermarket to the villa or directly to the Villa if that is the guest preference.

Q: We have small children and wonder if babysitters can be arranged?

A: Yes in most cases the Housekeeper, her family or friends can be engaged as babysitter. As an indication AUD$3 per hour would be an appropriate payment

Q: One of the family is celebrating a special birthday. Can you arrange a chef to cater for this event?

A: yes we can. On our website we have two very capable chefs details listed and you can contact them direct to ask for a quote

Q: We are planning to get married in Vanuatu. Can you put us in touch with a Marriage celebrant and or Wedding Coordinator?

A: Yes we can. there are some beautiful spots to get married in Vanuatu and at many of our Villas this is also possible. Using an event organiser takes a lot of the leg work out of the pre-wedding organisation

two options we would recommend are Tamanu on the Beach and Everisamting

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