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Virgin Australia Flies on

Virgin Australia Statement

A full review was conducted at Port Vila airport in Vanuatu this weekend by a team of Virgin Australia safety experts. Following this review, we have concluded that currently our aircraft can continue to safely operate in and out of Port Vila. We are working with authorities in Vanuatu to ensure the condition of the runway remains safe at all times and will continue to work closely with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority. We continue to monitor the condition of the runway and Virgin Australia will immediately cease all operations between Australia and Port Vila if we are not convinced that the runway is suitable for ongoing operations. Safety is always our number one priority and Virgin Australia would never put its passengers, crew or aircraft at risk.

tThe tourism industry thanks Virgin Australia for their support and undertake to work through the issues with the Giovt and other parties concerned to ensure both immediate and long term fixes are put in place with all haste.

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