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Virgin Suspends Vanuatu Flights

Yersterday Virgin announced a temporary suspension of their Vanuatu services

The announcement has come as a shock to the tourism Industry as only days before Virgin had signalled their intention to fly on.

Operators now are directing enquiries re current Virgin Bookings to Air Vanuatu who operate 5 flights a week from Sydney and two flights a week from Brisbane. Click here for flight schedule info current to Sunday 31st January 2016 We will also work with current bookings to do all we can to minimise disruption to your holiday plans.

The following is VLHH Position

The recent temporary suspension of flights by Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand has caused ourselves and our guests some concern.

Depending on your travel dates we are recommending a number of options

  1. Take full refund and rebook via Air Vanuatu. If dates don't quite match we will provide FOC accommodation for a night or two either side of you arrival/Departure dates

  2. Request alternate dates if you are booked between now and Easter as we know that full services will be restored before 1st April

  3. If neither option works we will provide the requested refund

We are devastated by this turn of events as you can imagine and will keep you posted via our website as to the progress on restoring services to normal

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