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Port Villa's favourite pub comes back to Life

Ten months after The Anchor Inn was torn apart by Cyclone Pam the owners Phil & Kylie have done a brilliant job to get our favouorite pub open for the punters again. Missing still some walls and doors but nevertheless serving cold Tusker and wines for the Ladies the Anchor is re-emerging as the top pub in town

The pace was a cracker to get the roof on but still the rains came and slowed things down for a day or two.

Soon the bar was in place and the traddies got to work to wire up the place and m,ake ready for an early opening

It did not take the locals and vsisitors long to get a cold Tusker into them

I will update the blog with progress as the second floor progresses and the downstairs gest all the bells and whistles such as fans and TV;s for we sporting buffs

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