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Bauerfield Runway Contracts Issued

Last friday 12th February the Vanuatu Government awarded the emergency repairs contract of Bauerfield airport to New Zealand Compmany Fulton Hogan. Hereunder is the text of the press release

The following report is verbatim from Daily Post 13th February 2016

Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai, has his eyes set on the airport repairs as a matter of urgency and wants to see the runway fixed by April, as mandated by the Council Of Ministers in an emergency meeting yesterday morning.

New Zealand contractor, Fulton Hogan, has been awarded the contract for emergency airport repairs at Bauerfield. The contractor’s letter for award of contract was issued yesterday afternoon by the Director General of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (MIPU) following Vanuatu Project Management Unit (VPMU) Steering Committee’s (SC) consideration of evaluation reports of the VPMU.

Due to the emergency situation at Bauerfield, an emergency procurement process as provided under World Bank procurement guide was executed last Wednesday, with the evaluation being completed this week. The value of the emergency repair work is approximately Vt139 million (USD 1,237,766.88).

Fulton Hogan are now expected to mobilise and have the contract signed in the coming days for immediate mobilisation of machinery and experts.

It is envisaged that the duration of works contract will be completed within 56 days after the signing of the contract.

This means mobilisation of equipment and materials will be done by March 15, when works are expected to commence.

According to the project timeline, the government expects that the emergency repairs are completed by the 6th of April. In addition, under the same timeline, the shipment of materials, including asphalt to repair the runway is expected in the coming weeks.

Civil Aviation in Vanuatu will be communicating the contractual information to all airlines this week

Air Vanuatu's new Boeing 737-800 continues to services Australia and New Zealand on it's normal weekly schedule

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