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Farewell Phillipe Martin

World re-nown wildlife photographer – Mr Phillipe Martin.

Sadly we say farewell to Mr Phillipe Martin, world renown ecologist and photographer, Phillipe has spent 16 days with Coral Quays Resort-Absolute Adventures, diving and photographing the macro and micro world of Santo's reefs, and wrecks.

Phillipe is the author of many books on nature, and has co-authored and illustrated many more. In 2012, Phillipe Martin WON the grand prize for digital photography at the international festival of Wildlife Photography in Montier-en-Der, France, the french edition of Hyper Nature Tropical recieved first prize in the Book Prize competition for 2014.

The most recent exhibition of Martin's photo's attracted one million visitors to the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. Phillipe Martin revolutionized digital nature photography by "stacking" multiple images of the same subject to create a single startling focused image, the result being an almost 3 dimensional quality with such sharpness and brilliance that it seems to leap out of the page.

Phillip Martin takes his photographs in his subjects natural settings, including inhospitable jungles. He is dedicated to recording the natural life of the tropical forest, and tropical oceans along with exploring the incredible diversity of life. His images capture the beauty of the natural world around us and highlight the need to take every precaution to preserve this wonderful natural heritage for future generations

Phillipe has taken in excess of 60,000 images of Santo’s reefs, along with two wrecks that have incredible ocean life on and around them, being the USS Tucker, and SS President Coolidge , so as to show case Santo and Vanuatu in his new book which will be released later this year.

Thank you Phill for sharing this with us. I am sure the book will be well received and a great promotion for the wrecks and reefs of Santo

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