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Family Fun In Vanuatu

Last week our family spent a week in Vanuatu and had the best time We found so much to keep the kids aged 9 & 7 occupied that an extra couple of days would have been wonderful. Apart from a much needed break we were here to see Grandi (aka) Bryan Death) and Val

Day 1

Recovering from hectic time on the farm a cool off with a swim a drink and a good book, only interrupted by a stock-up trip to the supermarket which by the way is well stocked with plenty of goodies for serving with drinks from the Deli or the best Vanuatu beef and fresh fruit and veg. Angelfish Cove Villas has an abundant supply of fresh Paw Paw hanging off tress all over the resort.

Our host at Angelfish Cove Villas, Zilo, was amazing and made sure we wanted for nothing during our stay. He was ably assisted by the girls that serviced the Villas each day.

Oh nearly forgot the fist day would not have been complete without a trip to Dr King. Dougie banged into the side of the pool whilst practicing his snorkeling and loosened a tooth. No real damage and after Val organised the visit to the Doctor Dougie was soon back at play on the beach.

The kids found the beach at Angelfish Cove Villas to be alive with hermit crabs and immediately set about giving them names and building fortresses and castles for them. The kayaks and snorkeling kept them in the water excited and happy for hours

Day 2

BBQ with Grandi and Val at our Villa after a quiet lunch at Paradise Cove Resort which is only a few hundred metres down the road. Food and service is great and there was plenty to keep the kids amused including a pool next to the Restaurant and a safe beach area not far away

Day 3

Wet & Wild was on the day's plan and we headed off in a local bus to the Mele Bay area on the other side of Port Vila Harbour

A great family fun day with everyone getting down and dirty and wet in the Zorb Balls and the Water Slide. A great way for the kids to work off all their excess energy

Day 4

Hideaway Island.

What a great day out. Borrowed Grandi's Ute and packed up the kids and headed to Hideaway Island on the opposite side of the Port Vila Harbour in the Mele Bay. Mele Bay has so many exciting things on offer for families and we did not have enough time to do them all The snorkeling was awesome.

Day 5

This was going to be a big day. Grandi & Val came too and we headed off toward our first panned stop at Villa Champagne. on the Whitesands Beach. A magnificent Holiday home which sleeps up to 16 guests, and what a magnificent pool!

It was then on to Turtle Bay where the kids had a ball during the tour seeing and handling turtles, animals and birds.

Our next stop on the round Island tour was at Bamboo Beach Restaurant near the Epule River bridge. This lovely little picnic spot was devastated in last years cyclone but the locals are getting it back on track and its always good to see the music band boys entertaining their visitors and also to make a donation to their cause

A round Island trip would not be complete without a cold beer at The Anchor Inn watching the cruise ship leaving the harbour

Our last 2 days we spent enjoying Angelfish Cove Villas and a wonderful home-cooked Roast Beef Dinner with friends of Grandi's and Val. It was a lovely night and Ginette who is Grandi and Val's housekeeper babysat the kids which was just great. The local ladies are just so good with kids

The end

Then it was over all too soon. Thanks Grandi and Val and all the wonderful Ni-Vanuatu people we met. We will be back of course

The Video shot on the beach at Angelfish Cove Villas is a Gem. Kids just say it as it is!!

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