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Vanuatu Airport Repairs Completed

Good news for travelers looking to book to holidays in Vanuatu.

Quote from VPMU Press release

"Minister Napat, along with a World Bank team led by the institution’s Regional Director, Mr. Franz Drees-Gross, conducted a visit to Bauerfield more than a week ago to see for themselves the finished product. The World Bank team included Mr. Aldo Giovannitti (Air Transport Analyst), Christopher De Sario (Co-Task Team leader of VAIP), Nancy Wells (WB, Development Coordinator, Vanuatu), Lasse Melgaard (Senior Operations Officer for South Pacific), Mr. Darin Cusack (Director of Technical and Fiduciary Services Unit for Pacific Aviation Investment Project) and government officials from MIPU, VPMU and AVL. The team was duly impressed with the quality of the remedial works carried out by New Zealand Contractors, Fulton Hogan, under what was indeed a very tight schedule."

As a result of the works being completed Virgin Australia has sent in a team to inspect also and their on line bookings are open from 23rd May 2016. We anticipate a press statement from Virgin in the coming week.

The Vanuatu economy is heavily dependent on a successful tourism industry and many businesses in Vanuatu currently are finding the going tough and are looking forward to all airline partners returning to Vanuatu in the not too distant future..

In the meantime Air Vanuatu continues to operate their regular schedule to Australia and New Zealand and from 1st June they will operate 6 flights weekly from Sydney and 3 flights weekly from Brisbane and Auckland.

Coming up this week we have the reopening of Iririki Island Resort and this will be followed on June 1st by the reopening of the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu

Vanuatu is turning on great weather and is also about to launch TV commercials in New Zealand, New Caledonia and in Australia

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