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Welkam to Vanuatu

What a great photo thanks to Pascal Gavotto and the team from Vanuatu Helicopters and others who assisted with this marvelous effort.

Vanuatu is truly a wonderful destination and there is nothing stopping you now from traveling to this great South Pacific Destination

There is more good news in today' press.....................

Government has begun work now on the second phase of the rehabilitation work for Bauerfield airport. The Vanuatu Project Management Unit said that Minister Jotham Napat had prepared a paper for the Council of Ministers (COM) detailing the next phase of the Bauerfield renovation for which government is responsible and this includes enabling the airport to receive A330, A350, B777 and B787 planes at least once every two weeks. The government will discuss with the World Bank a financial proposal to have a full Code E runway at Bauerfield.

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