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Welkam Back Virgin

There was not a lot of fanfare at Bauerfield International airport in Port Vila yesterday when Virgin Australia landed for the first time since suspending services due to concerns over the state of the runway. These issues have been addressed in quick time by the Vanuatu Government who are now moving ahead with plans for a full resurfacing of the runway within the next 12 months.

The good news for Vanuatu Tourism Operators was that the Virgin flight was full and delivered a much needed boast to numbers for the industry. With 3 flights weekly scheduled from Brisbane on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and with the high season approaching the timing could not be better.

Air Vanuatu has also announced additional flights from both Australia and NZ commencing on the 1st June. This means that Air Vanuatu will fly from Sydney 6 days a week and from Brisbane 3 days a week and from Auckland their schedule will now also be 3 flights weekly.

Click here to view full weekly schedule which we publish weekly on our website

Caption- Virgin flight lands at Bauerfield May 23rd 2016

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