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NZ Foreign Minister Visits Vanuatu

New Zeal;and's Foreign Minister and his entourage visited Vanuatu this week. You may ask but how did they get here?

Well check out this New Zealand Air force Boeing 757 parked on The Bauerfield tarmac and you have the answer to your question

For the record this aircraft weighs a lot more tha the A320 Airbus that Air New Zealand fly on the Vanuatu Route!!!

New Zealand is the lead donor in the tourism sector and the current seawall rehabilitation works under way are just the start of a lot more activity by New Zealand within the tourism sector.

They have also recently funded and Marketing TA, Megan Thompson on a 2 year contract to assist both the VTO and the Private sector develop ongoing marketing strategies.

The Vanuatu Tourism Industry is indebted to the New Zealand Government for their commitment to these projects and their participation with trans Tasman partner Australia in co-funding the donors share of the current Vanuatu Destination Marketing Plan.

We trust that the visit will also help the outcome of a meeting between the Vanuatu Government and Air New Zealand in the coming week. The industry is hopeful that this meeting will set the wheels in motion to have Air New Zealand resume direct flights to Vanuatu in the not too distant future

With both Iririki Island Resort and The Holiday Inn Port Vila both now oen for business we can truly say that Vanuatu is ready willing and able to welcome guests from around the world to this tropical paradise

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