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Reflections and Hope

As 2016 rapidly come to a close we have plenty to reflect on in Vanuatu. Despite the impact of Virgin and Air NZ withdrawing services (albeit Virgin was temporary) we are still here and working harder than ever to capture lost ground started when Cyclone Pam ripped through Vanuatu in 2015.

Nothing the industry could do this year 2016 was going to restore immediate confidence by travelers to come to Vanuatu. Positively more recent events including the opening of the tenders bidding for the stage one Bauerfield project on 19th December hopefully ensures that contracts will be awarded to the successful bidder by mid January. This will open the way for Qantas and Air New Zealand to honour their commitment to reinstate Code Share arrangements with Air Vanuatu

Govt Announces New Bauerfield terminal project

The Vanuatu Government in conjunction with Airports Vanuatu Limited has announced a preferred contractor to develop a fully costed plan for a new Bauerfield terminal for both domestic and international services. The MOU signed by CCECC (The Contractor) and the Vanuatu Government will now proceed to develop a detailed design and costed proposal to present to the Government in early 2017. This is a positive and crucial step forward for Vanuatu as we move ahead eyeing off the potential of so far uncharted territory of South East Asia and The West Coast of the USA. These markets will be within our reach once the new code E runway is in place as the runway will cater for wide bodied jet services

Hoping for a Great 2017

With so much happening in and around Port Vila in the form of new infrastructure we will be able to look forward in 2017 to the completion of several projects currently well under way.

These include the Urban Road Renewal project, The Lapitasie Container Wharf and Domestic Shipping Wharf completion, the Seawall Beautification project stretching from the Market House to Chantillys opening up a brilliant seaside walking trail for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Add to this the completion of the Stage One refurbishment of Bauerfield Airport and things look so positive for the coming year.

All we need is YOU

All we need now to complete the picture is you......enjoying a wonderful week in Vanuatu.

We will be publishing some very special direct deals on our villas and at Angelfish Cove Villas so keep checking our website and Facebook posts to take advantage of the great deals

From all of our team to you and your family and friends Merry Christmas and hoping you add Vanuatu to your bucket list for 2017


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