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A Good Story

The recent eruption of a volcano in Bali disrupted the travel plans of thousands of travelers from Australia and New Zealand as well as other countries.

When I received an enquiry from Jane looking to redirect the travel plans of 23 people from as far away as the UK we slipped into overdrive to assist.

The reason for their trip to Bali was to celebrate Mum's 80th birthday so a very important event for the whole family who had not caught up for a long time due to the tyranny of distance required to travel to all be together.

Within 48 hours we had established 3 properties that ticked the boxes they required to be close by each other and to provide a great location for Mums birthday.

We offered Sindiso, Broadwater and Angelfish Cove Villas all on the Angelfish Cove peninsula and which offer the group great access to the beaches and reefs in this area

The first meeting with Jane after her arrival on a midnight flight from Auckland was designed to do a famil of the properties but the meeting went for longer as we managed to also book a caterer for Mums birthday K2 Kitchen and thanks to Kandy for her assistance.

A quick trip to town and a short meeting with Troy at reefers had a second event organised to celebrate a 2nd birthday in the Group. Thanks to Reefers Bar and Grill.

The next activity to sort out was diving and Mike from Big Blue was a great help and soon had all their various dives planned including a FREE intro pool lesson at Angelfish Cove Villas.

Jane sought inspiration for the 2nd birthday present and when she spotted the advert for Jungle Zipline that was it.

Getting there was made easier by booking Helicopter transfers through Vanuatu Helicopters and thanks to Andy good job mate.

Of course the birthdays needed to be captured on film and that where Leith from Top Shots

So after 3 busy hours we were ready for a coffee and a sandwich at The Jungle Cafe

So the plans were in place for the rest of the crew to arrive and this was going to take several days but with the expert help from Vanuatu Luxury Holiday Homes and the team including Metas, Val, Seth and Brian N everything worked out well and even the one lost bag soon reappeared thanks to Air Vanuatu

It should be noted that the story was also helped by Virgin Australia who offered free ticketing changes to either Fiji or Vanuatu and boy are we pleased that Jane choose Vanuatu.

This story is about our industry working together and helping each other suceed

From all who assisted we wish Mum a very happy 80th birthday in Vanuatu

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