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Ovation of the Seas in Vanuatu

Maybe the 9th largest Cruise Ship The Ovation of the Seas popped into Port Vila Harbour today.

With around 5000 passengers and 1500 crew the locals turned out in force on the seawall and around every vantage point in town to see what such a might cruise ship looks like.

It hard to grasp an 18 story block of flats sitting in the middle of Port Vila Harbour but spectacular that's for sure

Locals from all over Efate congregated on the seawall to catch a glimpse of this mighty Cruise liner

The Cruise business is big business in Vanuatu and something that has grown exponentially over the past 10 year. as can be seen from the graphic below

Once you have visited us as a Cruiser its then time to start planing your newt visit by air and stay a little longer with us so we can get to know you

Lukim U back Again

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