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Escape from Winter

It's that time of the ear when those of you living in the temperate climates of Australia and New Zealand need to think about how best to escape from the winter chill factor and take that much needed short winter break.

Vanuatu is only 3 hours away for many of you travelling from Auckland, Brisbane or Sydney whilst from 18th June those living in Melbourne will have the luxury of Vanuatu direct services being offered by Air Vanuatu

In offering the additional routes Air Vanuatu also will be extending the frequency of services from Auckland, Sydney and Brisbane making it that much easier for you the traveler to hop on a flight on the day that suits you best.

So the only other thing to work out is where to stay?

More and more of our visitors to Vanuatu are discovering Holiday Homes and Self Contained options as an alternative accommodation category. For those travelling with a multigenerational family it's the way to go as Villa prices tend to make the family stay that much cheaper than individual hotel rooms.

The other reasons we suggest Villa accommodation is a great option are:

  1. Housekeeping services

  2. personalised meet and greet options

  3. Shop en-route from the airport

  4. Villas options to suit various family group sizes

Check out a couple of sensational Villa Options by viewing their Videos

Villa Champagne and Villa Sindiso are but two of the many options in our Portfolio

Villa Champagne Video

Sindiso Video

So what are you waiting for.....

get in touch with our team here in Port Vila and we will find the best accommodation to suit your budget and bucket list as far as location and amenities are concerned

Tropical Regards

Bryan and the team Vanuatu Luxury HIOliday Homes

Phone: +678 5577034


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